Welcome at my showcase for my Master Industrial Design, TU/e. My name is Rick de Visser and I developed myself to be a designer of transformative concepts. In my design process I make use of participatory design methods to involve the users and other stakeholder in my project. During my Graduation project I focussed on the transformation of education and created KnapZack, a portfolio tool that allows children to explore and learn from their talents.


I started my Master Industrial Design in 2012 to grow in my skills and knowledge of design. The year before, after I finished my Bachelor at Industrial Design, I traveled through Asia, Indonesia and New Zealand, and started the company De Jongens van de TU. These activities have all contributed to the designer I have become. In this showcase I will reflect further on these activities. Feel free to explore who I am as a designer, how I developed myself during my Master, what activities I have done and what my plans are after graduation.